A New Political Party That works for the many - not just the few

We believe in an economy where power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many and not the few.

We believe that all people should have the opportunity to work and prosper in an economy with a thriving private sector and high-quality public services, where those undertakings essential to the common good are either owned by the public or held accountable to the public.

We believe in ending Corporate Welfare, which costs this country in excess of $1 Trillion every year.

We believe in social justice for everyone.

We believe in all people having access to high quality, cost-effective single-payer healthcare.

We believe that all people should have equality of opportunity to obtain an affordable, quality academic or vocational education.

We believe in protecting the environment for future generations.

We believe that our country should no longer interfere with the self-determination of other countries and should not be the policeman of the world, but we will work with our allies and international organizations to provide assistance in crisis situations to stop atrocities and injustice.

We believe that government should be held accountable to the people and that the influence of dark money should be removed from politics.

We believe in "One Member, One Vote" and that our Party and Elected Representatives will not be influenced by corporate or other interests. The Party and Membership will hold its Candidates and Elected Representatives accountable for upholding the Aims and Values of the Party.

If you agree with our beliefs, then join our revolution today and help us to build a better America.



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