About the SDLP

The Social Democratic Labor Party is a national social democratic party in the United States. The Party was formed on January 24, 2017 in Miami, Florida and is a membership based and run party. The Social Democratic Labor Party is registered with the FEC.

The SDLP is a truly democratic party that stands by "One Member, One Vote." We do not and will not have undemocratic superdelegate or electoral college structures. We believe in using direct democracy wherever possible and are committed to engaging all of our members in party activities, including policy making and selection of candidates. We do not believe that a political party or its elected representatives should be beholden to corporate or other interests.

Our goal is to be the third largest political party in the United States by 2020.

Our Aims and Values are published on this website. If you share them, please join us by becoming a Founding Member. Let's roll up our sleeves and work together to Build a Better America.



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